Mostly taken from subjects relating to the Anglo-Saxon period, my talks aim to be informative and hopefully relative to modern times.


THE WEB of WYRD , approximately 3 hours long, including breaks.

The talk is divided into 4 sections, which allow for coffee/tea breaks. The session begins with a short contemplation exercise to get people 'into the zone', from that we will get into the discussion of the WEB of WYRD. We finish with a meditative journey, then afterwards any questions from the group.

We will discuss how we, as individuals, fit into the world of Wyrd, how our actions can alter the flow of life. We will talk of personal destiny, the concept of WYRD as in a spider's web and how the make up of people and our system of energy connects to Wyrd. How does Wyrd connect to everything ? We describe how a life would appear if described as if in the weave of cloth and exploring The Three Sisters of Wyrd, in Freewill / Ordained Future / Foresight ; the complexity of Wyrd and how it plays out in life.

I make use of metaphors and illustrations to highlight descriptions.

* * * * * * * * *

A HISTORY OF THE KINGDOM OF MERCIA Mercia is the kingdom recognised today as the part of England known today as the Midlands. It began after the first settlements of Germanic tribes established themselves after Roman government collapsed and Briton sank into anarchy around the year 440ce . Mercians derived from the Anglii or Angles as they are known, who arrived in the area we know as East Anglia, in about 500ce, led over the North sea from their homeland by King Eomaer. They pushed westward in search of new lands. The Royal House of the Iclingas, founded by Icel, King of the Mercians lasted from 520ce until 823ce . In that time such notable Kings as Penda and Offa widened the territories and influence of Mercia; whose constant conflicts with surrounding kingdoms, especially under Offa, Mercia became the most powerful kingdom in Briton. But internal conflicts and pressure from being surrounded by hostile kingdoms, see's Mercia's decline and the end of the Iclingas Royal line, eventually concluded with the invasion of the Vikings in 852ce when the kingdom was split in two. The rulership of Ceolwulf ll ended in 879ce, with it the independent Mercian Kingdom as Wessex became the protectorate of southern Mercia, whilst the Vikings over-ran the North and east.

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