Story Telling

Stories are taken mainly from English and Nordic mythology and folktales, bringing the past into the modern era. We also do Ghost Stories accompanied by poetry of a similar nature.
Presented in contemporary attire to give that added atmosphere.


GHOST and HALLOWEEN Story Nights at the Tudor House Tamworth (25th.October ) and the Cottage Healing Centre, Tamworth (31st. October).

Stories and Poetry to be entertained and be scared by for the Halloween season, some known, some written especially for the events, all enjoyed by small but enthusiastic audiences, with coffee and cake being served at the half way interval.

The last story "Man in Room 14" was especially well received as it was set in a local building known to all in attendance, The Tudor House itself ! Stories performed by Gullveig.

Poems written and performed by Janice and Talfryn .


Viking Banquet at the Rose Inn, Baxterley Warwickshire.

Telling of the story about the wall being built around Asgardr, which led to Loki's involvement of the birth of Sleipnir, Odin's 8 legged steed and the demands of Skadi for a husband amongst the Gods as payment in wereguild for her fathers death ! ........ A very active audience enjoyed the tale as part of a raucous evening.

NORDIC STORY Night at the Cottage Healing Centre, Tamworth, Staffordshire .

Three stories were told this night, of the adventures of Gods, Giants and Trolls. Thors' journey into Jotunheim finds him involved in competition with the Giants, with his honour and reputation at stake. This was followed by Asgardr and Odin having to deal with the threat of Loki's 3 children; his off-spring Fenris wolf causes anguish and mayhem ! Guile and deceit win the Day for the Gods, but not before Tyr loses his hand to the wolf. The night ended with the story of love between a Troll maiden and human that brought fear and despair which was overcome by compassion and self soul searching (along with a push from a doting grandmother). The tale ended with a reunion and a happy ever after.

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