Babynaming is a service of giving your child their 'Given Name' in front of your family and friends, at a venue of your choice, inside or outside; at your home or at a place of your choosing, a wood or stone circle for example.
Your child is presented with their 'Given Name' along with a pledge of caring from parents, also pledges are given by Godfather(s) and Goddess Mother(s) for their part in the child's life as he/she is growing up. The ceremony is tailored to the requirements of the parents/ guardians, with our help where required.

As a remembrance of the day, the Order of Service book is gifted along with a naming crystal (a rose quartz palm stone), which is passed amongst the parents and God/Goddess parents to imbue their good wishes into

Also a plaited ribbon, to be passed around the gathered guests for them to imbue their good wishes for the child.
The service is concluded with a round of mead from the Horn/Cup with a declaration of good health for the child from those present. Additional items are also available to enhance your special day.

For prices and to book please contact Gaynor at [email protected] or telephone 07968 710882. On facebook -Gaynor Stickels celebrant .